ELDRACHER produces sleeves according to drawing and delivers them totally finished.

We can produce sleeves with length tolerances of +0.02/-0.02 mm and with concentricity of 0.012/10.

We offer the possibility of producing excentric inside hole sleeves.

We produce thread sleeves, with thread inside the head with a seat tolerance precision of +0/-0.05mm.

Regarding the sleeves, we can produce with several heat treatments and superficial coatings (Alcrona, Futura, DLC…).

We dispose of a complete quality control department with high precision devices.

Product features


We can produce stepped sleeves of several diameters, with thread inside the head and H7 guided length tolerance.


Thanks to our producing experience in these types of pieces and to our high precision devices for quality control, we can guarantee top quality of the pieces.

Superficial coatings

In addition to our thermoquimical treatments, we can provide the sleeves with a broad range of superficial coatings (PVD).

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