Ejector Pins, Core Pins and Springs

This range includes all the necessary products for ejection and demoulding. Among these we can highlight the oxidized  nitrided ejector pins, the four radius blade ejector pins, the extensive range of hardened and nitrided sleeves, so as different solutions in core pins for the posterior tooling by the costumer. As well as our range of die springs according to DIN 10243.

In the whole range of ejector pins, sleeves, blade ejectors and core pins, we offer a production service according to drawing with very convenient prices and delivery times.

Product features

Ejector pins

We offer the whole variety of hardened, oxidized black nitrided, bright nitrided and not nitrided ejector pins.


We supply hardened black nitrided and bright nitrided sleeves. We can produce lengths of up to one meter with guided lengths from 25mm up to 100mm.

Blade (flat) ejector pins

We offer the whole range of hardened, oxidized black nitrided and bright nitrided blades. We have available the innovative 4 radius hardened blades.

Core pins

Availability of the whole range of measures of Z49 core pins as well as ejector pins in 1.2344 material hardened to 40-45 HRC for easy tooling.

Die springs

Die springs DIN10243 available in four loads, light(green), medium(blue), heavy(red) and extra-heavy(yellow).

Polyurethane and neoprene springs

Polyurethan springs (Adiprene), available in 90 and 95 Shore A hardness.

Neoprene springs in 70 Shore A hardness.

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