Cooling and sprue bushes

We offer the Spanish and Italian sprue bushes range. Possibility of other standards production.

We also provide other products for the mould cooling/refrigeration such as: couplings, joint plugs, hose nipples, cooling pipes and cooling circuit screw plugs. These products are provided in a compatible version with the principal international standards.

Product features

Sprue bushes

Sprue bushes according to the VAP Spanish standard and sprue bushes according to the Italian standard. On-demand production of other standards.

Hose nipples – Joint plugs

Hose nipples and joint plugs according to the VAP Spanish standard.

Screw plugs

Brass/iron screw plugs Din 906 y Din 908, for cooling circuit.

Cooling pipes

Zink plated steel cooling pipes in a whole range of metrics and lengths.

Spiral core – Cooling water junction

Spiral core to distribute the temperature in a homogeneous way in the mould. Cooling water junction with different types of tubes.

Compatible cooling/refrigeration sistems

The whole range of hose nipples, joint plugs and quick release coupling suitable with the main international producers.

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