since 1962


Pioneer in Spain in the production of elements for molds and dies

ELDRACHER is an original German company that moved to Spain in 1962. Our company became pioneer in the production of mould and die components in Spain.
We have come a long way since those early days. Since then, it has always been our aim to supply precision products of the highest quality.
As a result of our expansion process, we are present at five continents through distributors and final clients.
Our productive capacity has been reaffirmed and increased thanks to the establishment of an own production plant in 1996.
Additionally, the acquisition of small machinery for our Badalona plant allows us to produce some special parts in 24h.

Our Values

Stock Levels

Prompt availability, 2,5 millons Euros in stock of ejector pins for moulds, punches, bushes, die springs, etc. which combined with our efficient logistics allows the costumer to receive the products from 24 hours to 3-4 days, depending on the location.


The most competitive prices of the European market with the added value of the prompt availability. In some of our products the prices equate or improve the prices of Asian producers.


Own production of a high range of components with full warranty of traceability. Certificate of steels and treatments. Quality department equipped with the best devices including an X ray machine to analyse the steels.


Quick answer to the requirements of the customer. Customized solutions. Flexibility to produce from one piece to long series. Logistic efficiency intended to respond the customer requirements.



How to have access to the e-shop?

To get a username and a password for our e-shop you have to be an active client of the company. Once you appear as a customer and once you have made some purchase, you will be able to get a username and a password to access the e-shop.

In our e-shop you will find the available stocks for all the products, the prices and also the delivery terms for the next production entries.

When will I get an answer to my inquiries?

The inquiries about standard pieces can be directly managed through oure-shop. For special parts, you will receive an answer the day after your inquiry.

How to measure the surface hardness?

The surface hardness must be measured with a micro hardness tester. In Eldracher those equipments are the FM-800 model of the Future-Tech Corp. brand and they are calibrated annually.

There is a frequent mistake that must be avoided, which is trying to measure the surface hardness with a penetration hardness tester, since the hardness we would be measuring would be the one in the core and not the one in the surface.

How to analyse the chemical composition of the steels?

The method used in Eldracher is trough X ray. In Eldracher we use the Thermo Scientific Niton XL3t X ray machine, which allows us to obtain the exact chemical composition of all the steels and of the pieces produced with them, being also able to issue the corresponding certificates.

How to measure the inner hardness in a curved surface?

Measuring the inner hardness in a curved surface it is not as simple as it may seems. It has to be measured with a penetration hardness tester but under certain conditions.
When the surface is curved, we have to apply to the obtained measure a correction of the hardness obtained in curved surfaces according to the attached table.
When the penetration hardness tester is used in curved surfaces the tip of the penetrator has a less effective contact which produces a hardness measure lower than the one that the piece really has.
Therefore, to the obtained results with the hardness tester we have to add the value of the attached table depending on the diameter and the result.
Additionally, it is very important to verify that the puncture has been made totally perpendicular to the curved surface.
Evidently, with the use, all the hardness tester lose its calibration, that is the main reason why they have to be recalibrated annually.


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