Technical products

Whole range of technical products involved in the most technical part of the mould, such as

connectors, latch locks, double ejection systems, quick knockout couplers, slide retainers and air valves.

Product features

Harting connectors

Electrical connectors used for the hot running system.

Air valves

Used to eliminate the vacuum created when deep figures are moulded. We deliver several standard compatibles.

Insert for gas vent

Stainless. Possibility of previous assembly and dismantling.  Easy maintenance.

Double ejection system

Easy application. Use versatility. Block of the pulling plate after removal. Without stroke limit.

Quick return coupling

We provide variety of measures on both male and female for the advanced recovery of the mould.


Slide retainers

We offer two different types with the function of fixing de slide position.

Latch locks

Availability of latch locks, cams and complete extra dispositives.

Iron insulators

BLACKTHERM iron insulators, which are a stratified isolator, in panels shape. Possibility of delivery customized and with drills.

Slide holding devices

Slide holding devices of the EZ range that includes the EZ5130 – EZ5134 and EZ5140 models.

Clamps for TELEMECANIQUE micros

Clamps used to match with the TELEMECANIQUE micros.

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